Lab Members

The lab is a collegial and enthusiastic environment.  Students participate in weekly lab meeting and monthly journal club and acquire analytical and presentation skills.  There is also a bi-weekly joint lab meeting among all the labs on the floor, giving the student the opportunity to present their work to (and learn from) a multidisciplinary audience. Dr. Lee makes mentorship and education of students and fellows a top priority.

Changsen Wang, Lab Manager
Siavash GhaffariPhD - Post-doctoral fellow

I completed my PhD program at the McGill University School of Engineering, studying the role of in vivo flow dynamics on angiogenesis during embryonic vascular development. Currently, my research focuses on the investigation of the molecular mechanisms of low density lipoprotein transcytosis across human coronary artery endothelial cells.
Karen FungPhD Candidate

I completed my M.Sc. thesis in August of 2014 with Dr. Trimble at Sick Kids looking at the role of the adaptor proteins Cin85 and CD2AP in septin-mediated cytokinesis in mammalian cells. I am currently in the PhD program at the Biochemistry department at the University of Toronto and am co-supervised by Dr. Lee and Dr. Fairn. My project involves the investigation of the molecular mechanisms of high density lipoprotein transcytosis across the blood brain barrier. By understanding how this occurs we hope to translate these findings to a therapeutic setting to improve drug delivery to the brain. 

Hira Raheel, MSc Candidate

I completed my undergraduate degree in 2015 at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, in Biological Sciences.  For my fourth year undergraduate thesis, I studied the effects of a strain of a lactic acid probiotic, grown in the presence or absence of milk, on the phenotypic differentiation of the KG-1 cell line, a previously known model of dendritic-like cells. This project was conducted to study the ability to lactic acid probiotics to reduce inflammation associated with atherosclerosis. Presently, I am studying the process and function of albumin transcytosis.

Victoria Mintsopoulos, MSc Candidate

I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Life Sciences. My fourth year undergraduate thesis focused on the effect of IL-27 on endotoxin tolerance and LPS-binding in human macrophages and monocytes. I joined Dr. Lee’s lab in 2017 as a M.Sc. student in the Institute of Medical Science. My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of endothelial leakage and potential treatments in acute lung injury.

Rajiv Sanwal, MSc Candidate

I completed my undergraduate degree in pathology at the University of Western Ontario. For my undergraduate thesis, I characterized a novel transgenic mouse model to better study a rare intestinal epithelial cell population called tuft cells. I am enrolled in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and I am currently working on understanding the effect of cardiovascular risk factors on LDL transcytosis.

Undergraduate Students:
 Farnoosh Naderi Nabi, Madelene Abramian 

Lab alumni (partial): Hira Raheel (MSc), Michael Sugiyama (PhD), Elizabeth Sabath (PDF), Victoria Tokarz (MSc), Sha (Lucy) Guan (MSc), Susan Armstrong (MD/PhD); Paymon Azizi (MSc); Asela Gamage (MSc). Many alumni have gone on to post-doctoral fellowships, medical school, graduate school, or combined MD/PhD training.